b2ap3_thumbnail_Challenge-Old-Ironworks-Gym-2013_20131108-222659_1Start of Challenge

11th September 2013

Finish Date 20th December 2013



First Place £200 Cash – Supplements – 2013 Challenge Trophy

Second Place Three Months Free Membership

Third Place £50 worth of Old Ironworks Gym Supplements


What is the challenge?

You will do the following exercises against the clock

No 1 to 4 a time of two minutes to complete as many reps as possible

Bench Press will be to failure – Maximum reps

The Winner will have the overall best score!

The final decision will be that of Adrian Francis

The RULES will be explained by Adrian (Owner of Old Ironworks Gym) to all competitors of the challenge.

Competitors can have as many goes at the challenge as they want over the three months of the completion.


  1. Press-Ups
  2. Dips – Chest
  3. Pull-Ups
  4. Sit-Ups
  5. Squats (assisted squat machine) 40 Kilo plus rack

Bench Press with 50 kilo – Bar & 15 Kilo either side


The challenge will take place every

Wednesday night at Old Ironworks Gym

Time 7pm till 9pm

Who can enter the challenge?

Men and Women Min Age 15 to a maximum of 99 years Old

You must be in good health

You will need to pay £5 entry fee, be a Member of Old Ironworks Gym over the period of the challenge. Register for the Fitness Challenge at Old Ironworks Gym

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